1,000 Fruits

Another of my life goals is to taste 1,000 fruits. This is entirely doable because there are "many hundreds" of different types of mangoes alone, for example, and that's not even taking into account technical fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, etc. (150 listed so far.)

Honeycrisp Apple
Braeburn Apple
Cortland Apple
Red Delicious Apple
Granny Smith Apple
Fuji Apple
Gala Apple
Golden Delicious Apple
Jonagold Apple
McIntosh Apple
Northern Spy Apple
Empire: Small and delicious-the perfect apple to make you think "apple picking." Crisp and slightly sweet.

Valencia Orange
Blood Orange: Good
Naval Orange
Gold Nugget Tangerine: Really bumpy skin, sweet taste.
Coconut: Good fresh. Not a lot of flavor, but much less artificial than when dried and sweetened.

Cavendish Banana: Okay, not a big fan.
Baby Banana: Good. Nice change from the typical Cavendish. Little bit sweeter.
Plantain: Good. Prefer these very ripe rather than green. Green is too starchy, unless you're cooking them. Then green is tasty.
Burro Banana: Unripened, not great. Tastes very potatoey, possibly good french fry substitute when pan fried.

Meyer Lemon: Not great. Reminds me of the taste of Pledge too much. Prefer sour lemons.
Sorrento Lemon: Very good and lemon-y.
Eureka Lemon: Typical grocery store lemon. Good.

Pomelo: LOTS of peel. Actual fruit is no bigger than grapefruit. Tastes like a grapefruit/orange cross.
Ugli fruit-Good, citrus fruit, tastes like a mix between an orange and a grapefruit.
Ruby Red: Good. Deep pink and sweet.
Marsh Grapefruit: Good. Very tart/sour.
Oro Blanco: cross between a pomelo and a white grapefruit, with bright green to lemon yellow skin, a think rind, and a sweet flesh with almost no bitterness.

Pink: mildly tangy sweetness
White: least sweet, but good balance of sweet/tart, intense grapefruit smell

Key Lime: Smaller, round size. Yum.
Persian Lime: Typical grocery store lime. Good.

Loquat: Good. Sort of sweet/sour orange flavor. Kind of a pain to eat-small w/ lots of seeds.
Kumquat: Good. Sort of sweet/sour orange flavor. Kind of a pain to eat if you don't want to eat the skin, which I guess most people do.
Persimmon: Not great. Kind of tomato-y. Not a lot of flavor.
Dragon Fruit: Like a less exciting version of a kiwi.
Cactus Pear: Yuck. Mushy, bland, and has lots of large seeds.
Paw-Paw: Decent. Sweet and syrupy. Good in jam.
Chayote: Good. Tastes like a mix of a potato and an apple.Tasty cooked.
Lychee: Pretty good when fresh.
Cherimoya: Super yuck. Odd floral notes. Not sure if the one I tried was ripe.
Guyaba: Not bad, tastes like a mix between a banana and a mango.
Quince: Tart, very firm, like a mix between a flavorless apple and a potato.
Kiwano: Delicious and very, very weird. Sweet green pulp surrounding white seeds. Tastes like combination of mild kiwi and banana.
Wild Passion Fruit: Small, sweet, little bit tart, lots of seeds.
Rambutan: Delicious! Sweet, slightly floral white flesh inside a leathery, hairy skin. Flesh has to be scraped off the medium-sized pip.

Canadice Grapes: Delicious, wild grape flavor, no seeds.
Flame Grapes: The typical red grocery store grapes. Good, but nothing particularly memorable.
Thompson Grapes: The typical green grocery store grape. Good, but nothing outstanding.
Champagne Grapes: Love. Reminds me of the taste of wild grapes.
Concord Grapes: Good, strong grape-y flavor.
Venus Grapes: Wild grape variety. There is no fruit tastier than a wild grape.
Kyoho Grapes: Large red grapes with few seeds and a great wild grape flavor.
Witch Finger Grapes: Super weird, very firm and crisp. Mild grape-y flavor.
Cotton Candy Grapes: Sweet, better than your average seedless green grape.
Red Spanish Pineapple
Cayenne Pineapple

Tommy Atkins Mango: Good, little fibrous, slight coconut flavor.
Kent Mango: Great flavor, slightly fibrous.
Alphonse Mango
Haden Mango: Great, slightly fibrous.
Francis Mango
Ataulfo Mango: Delicious. Small size, creamy.
Keitt Mango: Great flavor, slightly fibrous.

Jack Fruit: Flavor slightly mango-like, texture is like meat.
Guava: Good, very hard edible seeds, firm slightly sweet flesh.
Papaya: perfumy flavor, not a big fan

Garden Strawberryr
Earliglow Strawberry

Black Cherry
Royal Ann Cherries
Tart Cherry
Bing Cherry

Red d'Anjou Pear: Firm, sweet, with a little acidic aftertaste.
Green d'Anjou Pear: Firm, a little more tart than the Red d'Anjou.
Forelle Pear: From South Africa, green with a very red blush. Firm and lightly sweet.
Asian Pear: Tastes like a really juicy apple. 
Ya Pear: Light flowery rose-petal like flavor.

July Bright Nectarine
Summer Fire Nectarine
Fire Bright Nectarine

Saturn Peach Dwarf (Donut Peach)


Friar Plum
Grand Rosa Plum
Black Splendor Plum
Royal Zee Plum
Larry Ann Plum: Typical tasting red plum. Firm, but not hard. Sweet, but not grainy.
Westerner Plum
Brooks Prune Plums: Love. Firm, just right amount of sweetness.
Italian Prune Plum: Love. Firm, just right amount of sweetness.
Empress Plum: Large and oblong, with a dark red skin and yellow flesh. Firm and tasty, with an easy to remove pit and not too juicy, so it's a good snacking plum.
Lemon Plum: Delicious, slightly tart, firm, and sweet.
Pluot: Nothing special.

Medjoul Dates: Really sweet.

Black Mission Fig: Sweet and syrupy...bit too sweet for me.
Turkish Figs: Reminds me of fig newtons.

Pomegranate: Tart, great on salads.

Kiwi: Yummy
Sungold Kiwi: Yummy, maybe a little more tangy than your normal green kiwi.
Carambola (Star Fruit): Tart, nothing special.

Lingonberry (Cowberry): Tart and sweet, kind of reminiscent of a cranberry.
Gooseberry: Love, little tart, but overall good sweetness.
May Apple (Ground Apple): Tastes a bit like a cherry tomato.
Current: Raison-y when dried.
Black Chokecherry

Black Raspberry
Black Mulberry
Red Mulberry

American Cranberry

Small Sugar Pumpkin
Baby Pam Pumpkin
Dickinson Pumpkin

Zapallito: similar to a zucchini in flavor, looks like a very small green pumpkin

Mamey: Light brown skin with orange flesh and a huge red seed insides. Tastes like cooked pumpkin or sweet potato with a slightly fruity flavor.
Pepino Melon: Like a melon-flavored cucumber-not a fan.
Durango Cantaloupe
Cordele Cantaloupe
Yellow Melon: Good. Tastes like a honeydew. 
Dosakai: Odd, tastes like a very tangy cucumber, almost pickle-like in its tang.
Winter Melon: Blah, melon texture, no flavor.

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