Friday, March 22, 2013


"Together. That's how we'll keep doing everything else."

Sometimes those NPR Story Corp clips just really get to me.

Love this one.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Temptation

Look at all the cute baby things I've found to be tempted by on Etsy!

Mini Skyscraper Block Set, $28, CharmFresh
Sloth Baby Cap, $12, squarepaisleydesign
Crochet 2 Strap MaryJane Booties, $18, HeathersHobbies
Beige Baby Vest, $25, ALTASKNITSHOP

Wooden Teething Rings, $5.50, UrbanHomesteaders
Vintage Sterling Silver Baby Rattle, $68, SweetSweetVintage
50's Midnight Blue Romper, $50, BabyTweeds

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conversation #17

Me: Nathan? Nathan? Nathan! I need you to come here.
Him: What?
Me (tearfully): Promise me you will never divorce me.
Him: What? What show are you watching?
Me: It was a commercial on father's custody rights.
Him: You. Are. Ridiculous.
Me: I fully know this, but promise me anyway. I need you to say it. Say it!
Him: I promise, you weirdo.

Pregnancy hormones: Making the weird woman ever weirder.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thai Curry Stew

For having no concrete plans this weekend, we kept very busy. The weekend included a number of projects, including a trip to Lowe's for some wood (and a freeze out on the way home as we transported it all in our tiny Kia). We did a little cleaning, some painting, and Nathan even built a mini carpentry shop in our hallway. (As if my nighttime trips to the bathroom aren't already perilous enough, now I must skirt the sawhorses and jutting ends of 12 foot boards on my way to the loo.)

Nonetheless, we still made time for eating some tasty dishes. On Saturday Nathan and I created the following recipe, which is based on one from Bon Appetit called Kerala-Style Beef Stew. Unfortunately, that one was just odd, and apparently we aren't really all that enthusiastic about beef stew. However, we liked the broth, so we started with that and added in some matching vegetables.

Thai Curry Stew

4-6 skinned, de-boned chicken thighs
5 cloves garlic, minced
3 Serrano chilies, seeded & chopped
1 quarter inch knob ginger, minced
1 t. tumeric
1 t. black pepper
1 onion, diced
4-6 cups chicken stock
2 chayote squash, peeled, seeded, and cubed
2 c. peapods, sliced
2. c. carrots, julienned
1 can coconut milk

In a large pan, brown the chicken thighs in olive oil. When both sides are browned, remove from pan and set aside. Add a bit more olive oil, the garlic, chilies, and ginger and cook for one minute or so until fragrant but not too brown. Add tumeric and black pepper and cook another minute or two. Add onion. When onion is translucent, add chicken stock and cubed chicken thighs (insides of the chicken will still be somewhat raw). Bring to boil.

When stock boils, turn it down to a simmer and add chayote. Cook 10-15 minutes, add peapods and cook 3 minutes. Add carrots and coconut milk at end, cook 2-3 minutes until carrots are just cooked. Serve.

Don't let the chayote intimidate you, it's much easier to work with then most squash (doesn't seem to get mushy as easily), and the taste is a really great addition as it tastes less starchy than a potato. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just a Minute: February 2013

So behind! I completely forgot about this last month, so I'll do it a bit late.

reading…My book club book for February was When We Were Strangers, a story of a talented seamstress emigrating to the US in the late 1800's. I thought it was a good read, if a bit of a downer at times.  My mother-in-law chose it because she is a fan of historical fiction and it was about Italy and sewing. Those topics did make up the background of the novel, but not quite as much as she and I would have liked.  

watching...I recently saw Assassin in Love, which was a funny little English movie, starring Damian Lewis, the lead in Homeland. It's full of lovely English accents and odd Welsh ones, and is a quirky story of a hit-man who has second thoughts about his career only to run away to a small town and take up baking. The Postal Service. Perhaps it's been on my radar in part because it's their 10 year anniversary, but more just because I never get tired of every song on Give Up.

crafting...I've been making all sorts of decorations in preparation for my baby shower. My sisters are throwing it, but we all get to participate in planning which is fun. It's a book theme, so my decorations use old books. As the child of a librarian, I thought I'd feel more guilt cutting up old books, but I have to admit it's been awfully easy.

sewing...I made a felt letter banner for the baby's room with her name. I don't think I've mentioned it yet here, but I guess it's obviously not a secret as I posted this picture on Instagram already. Both her first and middle name are family names-I love the idea of being linked to your history through your name. I've always treasured my middle name for that reason.

bakingI didn't really do anything extensive in February because I was living the single life for half of the month. Nathan was in California and Arizona for a family trip, so I did a lot of eating whatever I felt like eating. I made Macaroni and Cheese one night using this recipe, and it was pretty tasty, but other than that, I didn't tackle much.