Friday, March 5, 2010

Captain Hook Would Hate My Living Room

Up until a few weeks ago, I only had one of these. But then I came across a few more, and I realized how much I love them as a group!

So now it's a collection. Nathan rolled his eyes at my declaration last night, but I can live with that. He may initially doubt my chic genius, but the fact remains that he loves the eclectic design style of our house. He sees the beauty in the old beat up stuff I love. I truly knew we were meant to be together forever when he came home with an old water-stained trunk he found in the alley. Better than flowers!

Anyway, there are so many cool little vintage alarm clocks out there, but they're pretty hard to find, especially working ones. It makes me want to apprentice myself to a clock repairman, so that I can learn how to fix those less expensive non-working ones. So far I've been lucky though, all of these work great (although you can't tell in that first picture because I hadn't set them all yet)!


  1. cute idea! but I have to ask, does the ticking drive you a little crazy?

  2. Not really, mostly because I never remember to keep them wound. (You'd have to wind them all nearly every day.) It's a pretty quiet ticking anyway though. Any sort of background noise drowns it out.

  3. I think it's because we grew up with the grandfather clock on the mantle. If you can get used to that, you can get used to anything!