Monday, November 1, 2010

Fairytale Home

Can you imagine how magical it would be to live in this pyramid at the top of the Smith Tower in Seattle?

Stuart Iset/New York Times
It's even an adventure getting there!

"To get to the penthouse apartment, the family rides up 35 stories...debarks next to an observation deck and a Chinese-themed banquet room, passes through a portal marked “private residence,” and climbs two stories into the neo-Gothic pyramid. "

Go see the pictures of the rest of the apartment.  Like a very posh bell tower.  One with a Chihuly chandelier and a Calder mobile.  Wow.

Stuart Isett/New York Times


  1. This is beyond cool. I love the Dale Chihuly piece. Oddly enough, there is a similar one in the Columbus Museum of Art in Indiana. Columbus, IN is a hidden gem if you haven't been.

  2. I have, actually, and you're so right, Columbus is a hidden gem with so many cool modern architectural examples and art pieces.