Monday, August 6, 2012

On Free Speech

Free Speech by Reid Rosenberg
Of course you have the right to say anything you want. Everyone in the United States has every right to say even the most racist, hateful, and/or homophobic things. That's why those awful people are allowed to protest the war at soldiers' funerals, why that horrifying church can feature their children holding hateful signs, and why Ann Coulter is on television. But you also have the responsibility to deal with the fallout from the things you say. Don Imus argued that he wasn't being racist when he called those girls "nappy headed hoes" but he still got fired. You can certainly say that it is part of your religious beliefs to oppose the right of gays to be married, but if people find it offensive, (especially when you say such a right is "inviting God's wrath,") then you have to deal with the uproar. Free speech does not give you an out on suffering from the consequences and it certainly doesn't give you an out on "doing unto others." 


  1. Well said. I find it discouraging and disheartening that those who declare their religious beliefs the loudest are the most intolerant and judgmental. It appears that they are picking and choosing which parts of the Bible they want to follow. And it feels like they ignore the part about "he who is without sin can cast the first stone" and focus more on the "eye for an eye" type vengeance from the Old Testament.

    1. Exactly. Well said. Such hate is far worse to let loose in the world.