Monday, February 18, 2013

I've Just Been Busy

It's been hard to focus on actually getting a post finished. I think I have four different ones started right now. I just get side-tracked easily. I've been doing a lot of web searches for free baby clothes patterns. The last three weeks have been filled with cutting, pinning, and sewing all sorts of tiny things. I've been lucky to get to do everything in both boy and girl versions, which makes it even more fun. (I can't post the boy versions though because they are a gift).

Here are a few of the adorable tiny things I've made lately.

Baby diaper covers. Pattern here.

Newborn baby pants. Pattern here.

Baby kimono shoes. Pattern here (though I added a slight modification with the addition of some 1/4 inch elastic around the top for a better fit).

I have probably made 15 other bibs, but only two with this pattern.
The others are just the regular snap behind the head shape with this pattern.
I'll probably share those in a different post.


  1. YAY for baby boy versions!!!!!!!
    Please Please Please tell me that included in the diaper covers for this fella is one in the skull and cross bones...PLEASE!

    1. I cannot promise that (I'm not sure I have enough left to make another), but I do promise that something you are getting has skull and cross bones fabric involved.

  2. Love everything you've made! Every time I see a post of what you made, I kick myself for not getting my sewing machine out and trying something, anything!!

    And I love the bib with the arm holes, very practical for when the food starts flying!

    1. I will keep that in mind, wink wink! I didn't really start until last month, so don't worry, you have PLENTY of time. The nice thing about sewing baby clothes is that since they're so small they take practically no time at all to finish.