Monday, February 28, 2011

Add One More Must to My Web Routine...

I have a new addiction and it goes by the name of Pinterest. You may have seen the little icon I added to the left there on my blog last week. This website allows me to "pin" pictures I find during my googling, blog reading, or website discovering all in one place. I can organize my pins onto different boards, so that I can keep my project inspirations separate from pictures I just think are lovely.

But my favorite part? I can set it up to be notified every time someone likes my taste enough to repin one of my pins onto their own board(s). I am loving it so much. It's like having a stranger come up to you and tell you he/she likes your shoes. AND it happens hourly (some days).

Though it is very affirming to my self-esteem, it has the added benefit of being a very handy replacement for simply bookmarking blog posts, recipes, or pictures I like.  Not only can I access my Pinterest account from any computer, organize my boards and pins very easily, but I am also constantly inspired by others' pins and boards too.

We're even using a board for my sister's wedding registry. This way she can post things from multiple websites all in one place. (We plan to have people add a comment to the item if they purchase it so she won't end up with accidental duplicates.)


  1. I love this and I am looking for new ideas for my home office and living room and this will be perfect. What a great find and thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool, Hanna! I have never heard of anything like this. How fun:)

  3. It's still in the beta stage, so you have to request an invite, but it usually doesn't take longer than a week to be accepted.