Monday, February 21, 2011

There's Nothing Like the Internet to Make You Feel Inferior

Until I started blogging, I thought of myself as pretty clever and talented. I believed I was an excellent writer and among the highest percentage of crafty people. Then I started reading blogs. And damn, there are some FANTASTIC blogs out there in the ether. My bubble of delusion has been burst.

Crafty people who put my crafting to shame, like Jessica of How About Orange and Amy of eat, drink, chic.

Writers whose prose sparkles in comparison to mine, like Lyn of another damn life and Persephone of What Possessed Me (seriously P's travel writing is unbelievably fantastic).

People who are so creative and funny, it must ooze from their veins like Molly of Catalog Living and Rhett & Link (see below).

And decorators who have the most sophisticated visions like Paul of Sweet Paul and Sweet Paul Magazine (Spring Issue coming soon!)

Sure, I have some talent, but my amateur skills pale in comparison to so many people out there. (I tell myself that many of them are making a living from their particular phenomenal talents, but it's not always true.)


  1. Don't sell yourself short! And yes, I hope too that this is their day job where we do it for kicks.

  2. You are too clever and talented!! Don't let the World Wide Web doubt yourself.