Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Honeymoon for the Birds

Our original honeymoon was to be in Japan, but then the tsunami interfered with our plans. We went ahead with our trip to South Korea, but I told Nathan very firmly that a trip spent with my in-laws (much as I love them) and sleeping on someone's futon did not count as a honeymoon.

But he was befuddled at what would actually count as a "real" honeymoon. We (or rather, he, since I wouldn't mind it a bit) don't do the lie around on a beach type trips, so if not one of what is typically thought of as a honeymoon trip, then what kind of trip lives up to the status of a honeymoon? Never one to miss an opportunity to look like I know what I'm talking about, I suggested that we go to Belize and stay in a treehouse.

Ariau Amazon Towers, Amazon Rainforest
Not a particularly serious idea at the time, as the thought floated around in my mind for the last couple of months, I have begun to REALLY want to do it now. And it doesn't really need to be in Belize. I'm not picky when it comes to my treehouse stay; I'll stay in Nairobi or Papua New Guinea or even in India.
Ngong House in Nairobi, Kenya

I'm definitely leaning toward this place, Parrot Nest Lodge in San Ignacio, Cayo in Belize. It seems the nicest of the affordable options. I'm not sure that I need to stay right in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest if it means spending $1500 a night, even if it is the trip of a lifetime. And not only does the location of this treehouse look amazing for site-seeing, but the parrots who nest above the treehouse eat all the mosquitoes! Talk about full service.

Parrot Nest Lodge in San Ignacio, Cayo

Picture 1 from Aria Towers website,
Picture 2 from Ngong House website, 
Picture 3 from Parrot Nest Lodge website,


  1. Awesome!! You should totally go!!

  2. Go for it!! It sounds like an amazing experience. Anything out of the country was not an option for our honeymoon but I could probably talk Matt into staying in a tree house!

  3. Your last Honeymoon (I am Nathan's side, but not because he is right... as a matter of principal) was for the birds. Your next one looks like it will be for the bird flu. I am just thinking of what natural disaster you and Nathan will unleash on to Asia.

    Hey, go with the rain forest and bring me home a monkey.