Friday, May 6, 2011

The First of Many Firsts

Nathan and I recently returned from a pretty significant travel adventure to South Korea. It's taken me a bit of recovery time, so I'm just now starting to blog about it. It hasn't been so much that I needed the trip to sink in as I needed to get healthy. I definitely came back with some sort of respiratory/sinus infection. (To which the doctor I visited last week prescribed not talking and salt water gargling as a cure. Ugh, co-pay down the drain!) I could digress about the crappy doctor for much longer, but I'll spare you.

I also returned to a crashed work computer. This is usually my fastest avenue for picture uploading, so that has also slowed my blogging. However, today I am tackling the first blog entry (small though it is). Hopefully more will follow shortly.

The first of the many firsts we experienced on our trip was our flight path. This was the first trip Nathan and I have ever taken that has gone up over the North Pole! When we looked out our window mid-flight, we could see polar ice caps and huge ice flows. It was pretty amazing.


  1. More please! I look forward to additional tales and photos. Welcome back!

  2. You went over the North Pole! Did you and Nathan fight over who got the window seat? More details please!!