Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Because I Need Yet Another New Project

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It's a great concept that allows regular folk like you and me to support the innovation of other regular folk like you and me. It's a funding platform where people can outline their project and funding needs. Most offer different pledge levels, and depending on which one you choose, you can end up with the product they're hoping to create.

Recently, I've come across some outstanding ideas that were featured there...

I finally committed when I discovered Inkodye, the photo sensitive ink that will let you dye cloth through photosynthesis! They've even developed an app that will let you turn your Instagram pics into negatives to be used on fabric. This project hasn't met its funding goal yet, so it may not end up being a reality (Kickstarter has an all or nothing policy...that means that if the funding goal is not met, you get your money back and the project doesn't go forward.)


Another project I'm supporting which has reached its funding goal (by over 650%!), is men's dress shirts using space technology that helps keep you cool and dry. Couldn't pass this up since I know how much Nathan hates wearing dress shirts in the summer because of the sweat factor. Plus the company is called Ministry of Supply which sounded very Harry Potter-esqe to me. Made in the US too. I was sold...Happy Birthday, Nathan.

Beware, it's kind of like a more current version of the infomercial. At least, it leaves me with the same "I need that" feeling as I get when accidentally landing on a channel touting the latest Oxyclean or Bare Escentuals product. And the feel good model of supporting people in making their innovative dreams come true is just more incentive.

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