Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Call Me Jimmy

 So I just came across this really fun feature for my computer that makes every one of my keystrokes sound like they're coming from a typewriter.  The typewriter sounds for my PC-friendly version, sadly, do not contain the end of the line ding, but I will settle for this fun tappy, tap, tap at least.  It makes me feel like my blog postings are breaking news for the Daily Planet.

Lucky you if you have a Mac because I hear that the ding is part of this version.


  1. LOL! How fun, Hanna:) I remember using my aunt and uncle's typewriter when we were little...we used to fight over who got to use it!

  2. I will remember that for when I want to drive Matt crazy! He already thinks I type too loud and this might push him over the edge!!