Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing it by Ear

Having Nathan in my life, I've certainly had to become comfortable with not knowing the plan much in advance. He likes to say that he'll "wait and see" what's going to happen. This means that I rarely, nor anyone else, ever get a yes or no when trying to organize plans, only at best a maybe. I've gotten good at identifying what maybes are truly no's, but invariably there comes a weekend where I am surprised midday by unexpected Saturday evening plans. I've learned to roll with it.

Still, the latest developments in Japan mean that our honeymoon trip to Japan in just over a month are more up in the air than even I have had to deal with before. It's hard to be too disappointed in our situation when you see image after image of the devastation that the Japanese people are suffering so stoically and courageously.

With a whole month before we leave, there's certainly time for the reactors to be calmed, people to return home, and our original plans to remain possible, especially since our trip plans did not include travel in the northeast of Japan to begin with. Hopefully, things will work themselves out. As Nathan often tells me, it's not worth worrying about this far in advance. In the meantime, I will follow the stories of a brave and resilient nation, hope for the nation's recovery, and donate to help a nation that has been a major donor to those in need in the past.

This news article that I read over breakfast this morning makes me hope we get to visit this nation of courageous and proud people so much.


  1. You have such a good attitude about this situation...I know how hard it is to not worry! And thank you for sharing the news article - wow.

  2. You are much calmer than I would be in this situation. And Nathan is right, worrying about it now isn't going to change anything or help anyone right now.

    The earthquake and tsunami damage is devastating to watch, but seeing how the Japanese people take care of their families and each other is amazing.