Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love Looks Good On Everyone

What a lovely collection of vignettes by New York Magazine of some of the newly married couples in New York since gay marriage was legalized.

Did you know?
On July 24, 2011 when couples were actually allowed to begin marrying, the first same-sex couple in the state were married in Niagara Falls at midnight. Niagara Falls was lit in a rainbow for the first time in honor of the occasion.

I read these and have such a hard time fathoming how anyone can think that allowing same-sex couples to marry can do anything to damage marriage. More marriages based on deep love and years of commitment will only make the institution of marriage stronger and more meaningful.

All images by Spencer Heyfron
Article via Emily Scott via New York Magazine, "It's Official."

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  1. Marriage is about commitment and putting the other person before yourself. I also think those that protest the loudest, are usually the most insecure in their own marriages. Life is hard enough. Why deny someone else their partner to make life a little easier.