Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Use for an Old Thing, Vol. 2

Sugar Canister twine dispenser ($0.50, Goodwill)
I can't take credit for this cute idea; I originally saw it on Pinterest. I love that I can leave my twine out with some of my other crafting supplies (see below) because they look good.

Salt shaker as straight pin storage ($1, local thrift store)
When I found this old salt shaker, I didn't have a use for it yet; however, the easy to screw off lid made using it as a sewing pin holder a good choice. Whenever I need to use a handful of pins, I just turn it upside down and shake a few out.

Straw holder for washi tape ($8, eBay)
I had seen these straw holders used to store ribbon on Pinterest and loved the look. I have a giant box of ribbon though, and I realized that finding spools that were small enough to fit was actually going to prove to be unrealistic. With my sudden collection of varieties of washi tape, I knew I had the perfect storage place for them.

Desk lamp wall sconces ($15, eBay; new cord-$5, Home Depot)
We needed some extra light in the living room and in the bedroom, but we didn't have any table or floor space to spare. I had the thought to use a few old shop desk lamps as wall sconces. Once I rewired them, they were the perfect solution.

Toast stand mail holder ($3, hometown antique mall)
I needed a place to put all the paper odds and ends we save on our desk. The few paper bills we still pay, flyers for upcoming events, etc. now go in their little metal organizer and keep our desk top looking neat.

Picture frame mirror ($7, local junk store; mirror-$8, hardware store)
Buying a large mirror new can be very expensive. I found a shortcut by purchasing a large wooden picture frame and getting a piece of mirror glass cut to fit it at our local hardware store. (This strategy came in very handy when I was collecting mirrors for the mirror wall in the dining room.)

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  1. I love these ideas!! The toast stand mail holder and wall sconces are my favorites. You are so creative and resourceful!