Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a Minute: September Edition

announcing...September was the month in which we were given the go-ahead by our doctor to make public that we have a healthy wee McArdle on the way. So far, (sorry baby) I am not really enjoying pregnancy much. Nathan doesn't ever let me use the "I'm pregnant" excuse for anything, which really puts a damper on the whole thing. I'm sure looking forward to the magical second trimester where you (supposedly) feel amazing.

partying…I was concerned that our big news would somewhat overshadow my birthday this year, (just like our wedding overshadowed my 30th. Why do I keep doing this to myself?) but my amazing husband really went all out this year for me. Not only did he send me flowers at work, but he also got me another birthday gift, tiny ice cream cakes, AND he even secretly texted friends to let them know they should send me birthday notes and wishes. Finding out about that honestly was the highlight of my whole birthday.

reading…Just finished the well-written but incredibly hard-to-read, Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. It's nonfiction about Annawadi, a large slum next to the Mumbai Airport. It is devastating to get such a vivid picture of the suffering of some of the world's poorest inhabitants. I kept having to remind myself that these were real people, not characters because my mind just didn't want to accept that this is a real experience for so many people.

...In a last day of the month project, I fixed up a bedside table bought at a recent yard sale. It was surprising how quickly I was able to finish it. I really like those rare projects that provide such dramatic and fast results!

Photo (& Recipe) by IowaGirlEats.com
cooking...A friend from work recommended this recipe for the PF Chang Lettuce Wraps to me last week, so I made some on Thursday night. I highly recommend these! Nathan doesn't like water chestnuts, so I left those out. In an effort to replace the crunchiness, I added in bok choy and sliced pea pods, which were delicious. I think I was more liberal on the liquid ingredients when making the sauce, so mine was much more drippy. I also doubled the recipe, but that meant we had days of leftovers, so don't be tempted to do the same unless you are serving a crowd.

Sarah's Muffins by Rhok
baking...I was provided with a valuable baking reminder this weekend. Sure the timer is important when you're baking, but you should equally trust your instincts and your nose. If the muffins smell done, you should take them out of the oven, even if they have nearly 10 minutes to go. Leaving them even five more minutes will mean they will taste like streusal-covered cardboard with a charcoal infusion. I sawed off the charred bottoms and still ate five, but my enjoyment was forced. I ended up throwing the other dozen and a half away because once they cooled off, they had nothing going for them.


  1. Congrats on your wee little one! My first trimester was miserable (all day nausea from week 6 until week 16), but the second trimester was much better. And, catch up on all your sleep now....I fantasize about getting a full night's sleep nowadays! :)

    1. Thank you, and that's great to hear. I am definitely starting to feel a little better, but I am definitely counting on that second trimester.

  2. Replies
    1. I am. Let's get going before I forget all the smart stuff I could say!

  3. Congratulations, Hanna! That's wonderful! When are you due?

  4. Yeah for Baby McArdle!! And I agree with your tip on baking. Our oven temp is never what it should be so we have to go by sight and smell versus actual baking time.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, also the position of your oven rack really makes a big difference. I think mine might have been lower than usual for this endeavor.