Monday, October 22, 2012

Social Media Geekout Moment

I have a confession to make. I had something really exciting happen to me this weekend. I have to admit that most people probably won't be all that impressed, but it was exciting for me nonetheless.

This weekend, I posted a picture of the Chicago skyline that I took while we were taking a walk on Northerly Island onto my Instagram feed. (Northerly Island is a relatively hidden park, walking distance from downtown. It used to be the site of Meigs Field airport that served the immediate downtown, but Mayor Daley had it raized in the middle of the night in 2003 in order to make it into a park. This photo makes it look far, far away, but it's just a short walk down a path from the Museum Campus, which is where the Field Museum, Aquarium, and Planetarium are.) That picture was chosen as a photo of the day on Instagram, and it's already had a ton of views! I'm pretty excited to be featured because at any given time, there are about 41,000 photos using that same hashtag on Instagram!

164 likes in only 1 day!
Some Instagram feeds are run by someone who chooses a picture of the day. By hashtagging your picture with whatever tag that feed uses to find photos, you are in the running to be that day's choice. Someone in Chicago does one called chitecture (combo of Chicago and Architecture, get it?) that chooses a photo every day that can be of anything and everything relating to Chicago architecture using that hashtag.


  1. That is so cool!!! Major geek out moment!! (And a good reminder to use Instagram hashtags!)