Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 10: A Lunch of Lake Fish

A bit of rain and foggy weather on the last day in Montepulciano, but we showed the city to Dean and his girlfriend and then headed to a restaurant in Castiglione del Lago recommended to us by Giacomo. There, I had another of my favorite pastas on the trip. It was pretty close to gnocchi in a red sauce with fresh Parmesan. So good I had to talk myself out of licking my plate clean.

After our leisurely lunch, we strolled through town again and bought some tasty gelato. We took Dean and Sarah to the train to head back to Florence, and Nathan and I went on to explore Cortona.

It was very foggy in Cortona as we parked and headed up the steep main street of the city. Nathan aimed us to the very top, and we climbed and climbed and somehow found more paths heading up to the lovely church at the very steepest part of the city. Above the church, amidst the clouds, we walked around the fort. We caught a few glimpses of the valley below us. We also saw a very strange looking structure that we decided to go explore.

This old building turned out to be a sort of mausoleum nestled below the city. It was actually very lovely. It  seemed much more visited than most cemeteries in the US.

We walked around a bit, careful to be respectful of the people visiting the graves of their loved ones, and then we headed back down to the car to make our way back to Montepulciano and to our last dinner in town before our final leg of the trip in Florence.

Dinner in Montepulciano was accidentally awesome. The place we ended up choosing looked incredibly sketchy, but our first choice was closed. This hole in the wall promised pizza and kebaps, but when we went in, the pizza turned out to be freshly made wood-fired with delicious toppings of proscuitto, mushroom, artichokes, and fresh green olives

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