Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Delight and Exhaustion of Materialism-The Gift Registry

Oh I wish that Etsy had a registry option because this way is going to be so much more time consuming...Nathan felt pretty strongly about us not actually registering at a store, but he didn't win that one. (Oh, harbinger of married life, you can't wait, can you, Nathan?)  However, out of deference to him, it's a small one at Crate and Barrel (-though that certainly does not mean that's where the items should be bought).  In addition to that "normal" registry list, here are some items we'd enjoy from Etsy.

and these too...

and I adore that this one will remind us of Scotland.

It'd be nice to have a working, non-electric mantle clock.

I would also like a cut glass bowl (not a tall pedestal, so it will fit in the fridge) to use when I make Tiramisu.  I don't love love the design on this one, but I like the size and shape.

We would also love a footstool.

This is my dream footstool...perhaps someone wants to reupholster a nice solid ottoman in an old printed burlap sack for us as a project?

Man, if I had $1200 to spare, I would...probably still not spend it on an ottoman.  Are you kidding me?  If I paid that much for an ottoman, I'm certainly not going to let Nathan put his FEET up on it.

If you don't feel like taking on a project, this one is a cute little placeholder until I can find a good solid ottoman and an old printed burlap sack of my own. 

I will be adding more if I think of anything, but please consider all of these things suggestions of items we'd enjoy-the links and pictures are not the only version of the item mentioned that we would love.  You all have excellent taste and know our style well enough that I know I would love anything you chose for us.


  1. For years I have said I wish I could build a registry of items from different websites!!! I may have to put on my nerd thinking cap and see what I can do!!

  2. Ooh, you could make a fortune!!!

  3. Oh you lovely people who have bought me everything on this makeshift registry, thank you!