Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Add it to My List

Oooh, I want to add this to my registry list.
You think I'm gross now, don't you?  

No, they're actually lovely.  They're Seed Bombs!  You use them to do guerrilla gardening.  Give them a pre-soak in some water and then toss them in some undesirable, weed-infested or barren landscape, and they will grow on their own!  Each bomb contains lots of different wildflower seeds, so it is a complete surprise.   I can already think of a few spots where I would love to throw them on my way to work. 

 I don't really have anywhere to throw them in our neighborhood because Nathan takes out his nervous/bored energy by weeding the traffic circles and abandoned flowerbeds in the surrounding areas.  (Yeah, yeah, I KNOW.  We ARE meant for each other.  Our weirdness balances.  I am very self-aware that way.)  That's actually a step up from his past compulsion.  He was seriously working out so much his pants were falling off.  He literally ran his butt off.

I digress.  These are fun.  I want them.  I can totally picture myself throwing these out the car window after the wedding when we're on the road heading home!  I think of it like some sort of twisted version of throwing rice at the wedding.


  1. That's aweseme, Hanna! I have never heard of anything like that:)I don't know that my allergies would like it, but they would be beautiful!

  2. That is awesome! I wonder if they will grow in the shade because that would be great for the shaded area behind my house.

    And I think it would be a neat idea to leave them all along the road while you drive back as a married couple!

  3. I've got to get these! They are gorgeous!