Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recent Conversation #6

Me: Hi, I'm in the grocery store, and I'm confused.
Him: Okay. What?
Me: Explain some things on this grocery list...(blah, blah, non humorous grocery-related blah). Okay, I'll get those things for you. Also, are the mini-energy bars on this list because you'd had to resort to eating them for breakfast, and you're running out since I'm a bad wife, and haven't made you your biscotti yet?
Him: Um, yes to everything except the last part.
Me: Aww...Wait, you mean the "bad wife" part, right?
Him: (Laughs.)


  1. You are a catch Hanna! Don't let that N convince you otherwise. Plus, you know no food item is a match for his appetite.

  2. Oh no! He was actually saying that he didn't agree with me saying i was a bad wife. It was sweet; i guess that didn't come across very clearly in writing.

  3. I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had like this with Matt. You are an excellent wife and N is lucky to have you!!

  4. Mini-energy bars sound very un-meal-like. Why not eat a whole energy bar?