Monday, July 19, 2010

Giving In

So I bought this.  I know I'm supposed to be spending less; I promised Nathan I would "have and hold" my paychecks in preparation for this wedding of ours.

But this went on sale today.  And as much as I've been drooling over shoes, I can usually pass them by relatively easily.  Great shoes are not that few and far between, after all.  But this bathing suit might actually make me feel cute WHILE WEARING A BATHING SUIT.  That seems like magic.  And magic is worth the price, especially when said magic goes on sale for $30 less than it was originally.  Now this suit is about the price a suit costs when you buy it in a store, and that suit was not made especially for you by hand, was it?  AND it is not the suit you remember from your iconic Barbie.

So if there's music to face, I am willing to face it.  Although, I think that once he gets a load of me in this sexy thing, money will hopefully be the last thing on his mind.

Is it wrong that now I kind of want some tattoo sleeves to go with it?


  1. I love it! And you cannot put a price on a good swimsuit and I would pay much more than that for a suit that made me look and feed good!!

  2. Yes to the suit! You can NOT put a price on feeling good in a bathing suit! But I'm gonna say No to the tatoo sleeves...though they would make for interesting wedding and honeymoon pics ;)

  3. I knew you would cave in and buy it....especially on sale. Definitely a great choice. Let me know if it's magic. I'll buy six.