Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stay Cool and Craft

Recently, I had an idea of a way to give new life to my beat up glasses case. This turned out to be an easy fix for mine, which had scratches and gouges, but this is also a great way to personalize a glasses case that may still be in good condition.
For this project, you'll need spray glue or rubber cement (a combination of the two is a bit easier, but one or the other will work fine), scissors, about a 12" square of fabric, and a hard glasses case.

First, I chose 1/4 of a yard of fabric. I actually needed MUCH less than that amount (basically about an inch more than the width and length of my glasses case when it was open).
I spray glued the outside of the glasses case (or coated it in rubber cement) and applied the fabric to the cased, making sure to leave at least an inch overlap on all sides.
Next, I trimmed any excess fabric because you can only fit a small amount under the inner lining of the case.  If you can remove the inner lining then this step can be skipped, but most glasses cases have an inner lining that is stuck fast.
 After trimming, I glued the inside edges and tucked the fabric underneath the inner lining on all the edges.  To do this, gently pull back the plastic lining and add the glue.  Tuck the fabric underneath, making sure to glue on top as well so that the plastic lining will stick.
Leave the two corners until you have tucked the fabric in at all the other edges.  Carefully cut down the middle of the fabric directly at the hinge until you reach the case.  Coat the seam with glue so that it doesn't unravel.
Fold each flap under its respective side, carefully overlapping the extra fabric so it all fits under the lining evenly.  You will have some small pleats as a result.  Take one last look around the edges to ensure that everything is glued down tightly.

And there you have it.  A quick easy craft to give new life to an old accessory.

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