Friday, February 24, 2012

If Not for 8 Inches of Snow...

If I didn't live in a place where we are being deluged with snow, then I could be dressing to welcome spring instead of just dreaming about it. I would definitely choose to wear this outfit.

Glamour Power to You Dress: Modcloth, $74.99
Classic Crewneck Cardigan: BP, $34
Belinda Clutch: Hobo International, $110
Dancy Patent Leather Shoes: Gabriella Rocha, $52.99


  1. How do you have snow, and we haven't even had a delay this year???? And we are only three hours away!!
    On a side note, I LOVE the outfit:)

  2. Lake effect, baby! It melts amazingly fast though. We only had snow for a day. Back to 40-something degrees by Sunday.