Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

I came across these vintage valentines at an antique shop recently. I couldn't resist sharing...

A valentine from your stalker.
 The writing says 
"Don't try to get away from me-
That would be all wrong, 
'Cause where you least expect it, 
You'll find that I'm along!"

An extremely cautious valentine.

"Valentine's Greetings To Someone I Like"
That valentine greeting for when you're not quite ready to commit fully to the whole love thing.

This is one of the oddest poems for a valentine. I had a moment of relief that
Nathan did not encounter it first, or I'm sure I would find it in my valentine envelope this year.
"As much as college 'profs' love books/As much as icemen love the cooks/
As much as some folks love home brew/That's half the love I have for you!"

Of course this was my favorite!
"Blondes may be favorite but oh you red!"

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