Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Minute: February Edition

readingThe Windup Girl, which is a completely fascinating, creative, and strange multiple-book-award-winning science fiction novel. I just finished Remarkable Creatures (which was wonderful) for those of you who are not particularly interested in sci fi.

following...One of my favorite blogs is How About Orange. Jessica is a graphic and textile designer who is always sharing free fonts, and labels, and showing her cute and really doable project ideas.  One of my favorite features is when she does sewing tutorial roundups, though I always find myself
bookmarking yet another project idea that someday I plan to get around to making. Plus, she's a fellow Chicagoan, and I fight the urge to stalk her a little bit.
watching...Southland is such a great show. Though my DVR gets a pretty decent workout, (ok, admittedly a better workout than I get each week) it is the one show I savor the most. I am so excited to watch it that I hold off so that I can look forward to it for a few days. Sure, it's another cop show, but this one fleshes out the characters, has a fast pace, and has more emotional depth than the typical cop show.

 listening…to a Chicago area band that my band manager friend, Bret, told me about. I am loving the Stamps, especially Over Again and Heartache.

loving…Nathan and I recently obtained two board games that are just for two people (Lost Cities and Settlers of Catan card game). We've been having game night/day/afternoon/morning on an almost daily basis, and though he is now consistently beating me, it's still a much better way to pass the time than fighting over watching DVR'ed golf. 

making... Made Slow Cooker Cuban Pork this weekend. It was so good that I am still looking forward to the leftovers. Make sure to serve it with sliced jalapenos because that little kick of spicy makes it extra good. The biggest adaptation I made was using a pork roast instead of the beef called for in Real Simple's recipe. Because it was double the meat, I also doubled the rest of the ingredients. I put in half the peppers at the beginning, but then added the remaining peppers about an hour before serving. Even with a 4 lb. roast, this would be ready after 7-8 hours on low. Recipe found via @AbbyButts on Pinterest.

baking…I also made Nutella Sandwich Cookies this weekend. While the cookie base was delicious (it would be fantastic for sugar cookies), I was not super impressed with the resulting sandwich cookie. They just don't seem worth it for all the calories they surely pack. Also, be forewarned that if you follow the recipe directions, your cookies will not look this cute. The cookies pictured here were created by placing balled dough, not sliced, on those cookie sheets. *Photo from A Beautiful Mess


  1. I'm going to have to show Matt the pork recipe! He made pork shoulder the other day with Dr. Pepper and it was really good.

    I found a couple sewing projects I might try! I inherited 2 new sewing machines from Matt's grandma and I've been itching to make something.

  2. Oh, I definitely recommend it. Not spicy (which works well with kids), and it is really flavorful.

    Nice, let me know what you make. I'd love to see pictures too!