Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Wisdom of a 3-Year-Old

3 years old By The Sweet Light via flickr

While babysitting this weekend, I enjoyed the following conversations with my 3-year-old upstairs neighbor.

"I'm supposed to let you do your work. Am I letting you do your work?"
"Yes, you're doing a good job."
"Are you done yet?"
"No, I've only been working a little while."
"Is it going to be a long while?"
"I don't know if I'm going to be good at this."

"You are sniffing...You need someone to take care of you sometimes. You don't have anyone taking care of you!" (Face crumpling and looking extremely concerned.)
"Nathan takes care of me sometimes."
"OH GOOD. You have to let him. You have to say oh, ok. Don't say no, no. You have to let him because he's worried about you."

"I'm trying to remember something important."
"Ok. Can I help?"
"...oh, I see. The cow jumped over the moon. That's it."

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  1. I love the honesty kids give you. The other day I asked Daulton if my outfit had too much blue and without even thinking he said "uh, yeah" (with enough sass to express that the answer was obvious).

    She sounds like a very kind and compassionate little girl!