Monday, February 27, 2012

Rage Against the Mundane

from Hyperbole and a Half
I am having rage issues. They appeared this weekend, but I think it might last a few more days. Unfortunately they are over the kind of things that when I try to inspire Nathan to share my wrath he laughs. Loudly. For a long time. Surprisingly that laughter does not cause my rage to be redirected at him.

It stayed focused on the UPS who refused to deliver the two packages that I was expecting on Friday EVEN THOUGH I WAS HOME. Instead I was told that I could pick them up from the UPS package center on Saturday which is 40 minutes from my house. Incredible hulk-style FURY. Anyway, I was so angry I called Nathan at work so he could calm me down. He laughed at me. I remained unoffended, however, because I could tell it was a product of shock at the rage I was venting. It was pretty inexplicable.

Then last night, I was finally getting around to sewing one of the two baby presents I still have to make before the kid graduates. The "easy snaps" were not easy. I wrecked 8 snaps, and then damaged the fabric before I gave up, cursing heavily. I wrote an angry email to the company that makes the snaps, Dritz, and then proceeded to tell Nathan the problem as I stood, shaking with rage. Again with the laughter.

I also may or may not have gotten way angrier at some board games this weekend than was warranted. Luckily, Nathan is taking it in stride mostly because none of the anger has been directed at him (and probably also because the rage is rather entertaining). His laughing at me helps me put the anger in perspective a little, but it's not keeping the fury at bay when confronted with these minor things. I think my hives have sapped me of all my abilities not to overreact. I have nothing left for these other minor inconveniences.

I've decided it's not a problem because I keep it reined in and only unleash it at home. There's no possibility that it will result in road rage or shopping cart smack-downs, so I figure intervention is not yet required. As long as it's not hurting me or my relationships then my rage and I can coexist for a little longer. 

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  1. It sounds like Nathan is helping you put your rage into perspective. Being sick and having annoying health issues sucks the life, energy, and patience out of you. This isn't a forever feeling and you won't feel this way all of the time. And good for you for being self aware to keep your rage at home! I'm here if you need me.