Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Quite What I Planned

Now that it's been quite awhile since the wedding, I feel a little more comfortable talking about the failures of our big day. Some of them were little, some a bit larger, but ultimately I'm probably the only one who noticed them.
Hot right? Who wouldn't want to be walking down the aisle toward that?
Well, this was to be Nathan's wedding outfit. It was somewhat more fancy than just the dress pants he usually wears to work, making it a special look for the wedding, but not too fancy that he would feel uncomfortable. However, when he tried it on, my handsome husband looked more like Magilla Gorilla. Apparently his shoulders are too wide to pull off the vest look.

Needless to say, this early failure was avoided and I ended up with a groom who looked like this:

So far, no complaints, right? We moved the location of our wedding; we changed caterers three days before, and we were half an hour or so late to start the wedding...None of these things are a big deal in my memory at all, but there is one. Oh that one thing, that I am still moderately horrified to remember.

And that is the music that played as I walked down the aisle. The song choice began with all the best intentions. After all, it's called You Remind Me of Home. It's by the unoffensive Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie. What could go wrong, you ask? Exactly. Well, apparently in the last minute planning of everything it was mentioned by my sister that I didn't have any music planned. I scrolled quickly through my ipod and remembered my fondness for the tune of this song that I had recently obtained, so I said, this will work, right? I played a bit and we all nodded, but clearly NO ONE LISTENED TO THE WORDS because I walked down the aisle with the following words wafting all around me:

You remind me of home
The paint cracks when the water leaks from the rusty pipes that are just beneath my feet
You remind me of home
The heater's warm but fills the room with a potpourri of dust and gas fumes

You remind me of home

A broken bed with dirty sheets that creaks when I am shifting in my sleep
You remind me of home
In a suburban town with nothing to do, patiently waiting for something to happen

But the foundation is crumbling

And becoming one with the ground
While you lay there in slumber
You're wasting your life
Wasting your life

You remind me of home

Sitting on a thrift store couch, I'm trying to get this all down 

What!? So awful. Could I have picked a more romantic song? I doubt it. Of course we have a lovely song that we've always considered "our" song that is much more romantic, but Moonlight in Vermont wouldn't work for an afternoon wedding in New York state (talk about over thinking it, right?), so yeah I went with something that I, as someone who takes great pride in knowing music and paying attention to lyrics, am still rather mortified to think of as my wedding song. Oh those last minute decisions, they'll getcha.

I'm going with that song being one of those opposite things meant to balance out the luck of the marriage or keep us out of the eye of the gods...or something. Honestly, mostly I just try not to think about that part of the wedding day!


  1. I know exactly how you feel and I have similar feelings about my own wedding (which maybe I'll post about since you've inspired me!). The girl doing my makeup gave me bright blue eyeshadow, it rained on our wedding day (which is supposed to be good luck), we had intro songs for everyone in our wedding and the DJ forgot to play the song for our maid of honor and best man. But we all had a great day and if a bad song or change in outfit are the worst things you can remember, I think that's a great way to start off your marriage! And I think Nathan looks handsome and casually relaxed in his wedding day suit!

  2. You had a more handsome man to walk down the aisle toward. And if we are to be honest here, I don't even remember any music playing! And the food was less memorable than the cool plates it was served on.

    Wedding was perfect...unless we wanted to talk about the officiant we might have something to say